C-AND-R GBR was founded 2014, December.

For this website is given a first update right now, please take a look:

This is the official website from the paintress Mrs. Irmgard Rosalynn Maria Maurischat, shown in her former conduit in Lindau at the banks of the amazing Lake Constance:Rosa-300x218 in Home

Rosalynn-225x300 in Home
and above Rosalynn as her synonym let things take their course,
some pictures about my work in the past:
20180306 162957-300x168 in Home 20180306 162936-300x168 in Home 20180306 162922-300x168 in Home 20180306 162849-300x168 in Home 20180306 162310-300x168 in Home 20180224 153358-300x168 in Home 20180224 153324-300x168 in Home 20180224 153314-300x168 in Home 20180224 153256-300x168 in Home 20180224 153237-300x168 in Home
Thank you very much,

Much more about my work and my next exhibition coming soon;