C-AND-R GBR was founded 2014, december.

Business Devisions right now:

  • Extraction of energy all over the world,
  • Other areas of expertise, like motor, e-motors, optimizing of handling in different areas,
  • Development of e-cars;

Reviewing the circumstances, we may say:

  • criteria for evaluation always checking and adapting was needed all the time,
  • always being sensitive in all themes,
  • facts in all areas analyzing is a must,
  • getting all influences for the job and the job-site,
  • creativity and inventiveness are needed all the time,
  • checking our way of work and adapting our methods to the really important circumstances,
  • engagement all the time is needed, learned in times with cooperation and collaboration with banks;

The company also can be assigned in areas as follows:

  • earning and optimizing profit at job-sites,
  • streamlining turnkey projects,
  • sustainable development and management of water projects;

So sometimes unorthodox solutions, are given, thriving on challenges, let us know.